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Bishop's Weed

Bishop's WeedBishop's Weed (Aegopodium podagraria) is a fast-spreading perennial. Plants have compound leaves with 3 leaflets and umbels of white flowers in the summer. Require partial to full shade, Bishop's Weed will thrive in almost any soil where little else will grow is actually the best spot.

These plants will compete with the roots of such trees as Norway maples, hemlocks, and beeches. Once established, Bishop's Weed has deep roots and will be difficult to eradicate should you change your mind about this ground cover.

To reduce the spread, remove all flowers as they begin to fade prevent excess self-sown seedlings. To prevent seeding altogether, mow the plant in early summer and it will quickly refresh. Only plant in areas that have natural borders to prevent Bishop's Weed from taking over the entire garden.

Grows to about 6" — 1 1/2' with deep, wide-spreading rhizomes. When selecting a variety, choose the variegated form (with some white on the green leaves) - it's prettier and grows less aggressively.