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Soil moist -- ideal addition to your potted and hanging baskets

If you've ever assembled hanging flower baskets you know how often they require watering. Depending on the plants and weather conditions, it may be as often as every day. In really hot weather, they may require twice a day watering. The same can also be true for potted plants.

Now there's a product you can use to cut down on the seemingly endless watering cycle. This product is incorporated into the soil BEFORE planting. It's called "SOIL MOIST".

Soil Moist:

Reduces plant watering by 50%

Saves time and labor with less watering

Maintains vigorous plants

Minimizes transplant shock due to moisture loss

Reduces soil compaction

Cost effective - lasts 3 - 5 years.

(Soil Moist Plus): Water retention polymer and timed release fertilizer

Soil Moist

This product is ideal for containers, baskets, window boxes, even newly planted trees and shrubs can benefit. Soil Moist stores over 200 times its weight in tap water, releasing a steady supply of water as your plants need it. This product is non-toxic, safe and economical to use.

Following label directions carefully (you don't want to use more than directed), mix the product into the soil before putting plants into the container. That's it. If you re-use your potting soil from year to year, this product has a useful life of 3 - 5 years.

If you already have potted plants, they also have a product you can add to the pot in the form of spikes.

Product is available from many mail-order outlets and Ace Hardware stores.