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Kentucky Bluegrass

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Kentucky bluegrass is the most common cool season grass. It is a high quality lawn, available in blends. Spreads moderately and will fill in small bare spots that popup occasionally. Kentucky Bluegrass will go dormant in hot, dry weather as well as during the cold winter months. Does poorly in extremely shady areas and is not recommended for extremely hot climates. No matter what climate it's growing in, Kentucky bluegrass will require supplemental irrigation during hot, dry periods.

Kentucky Bluegrass seed-blends that include mixes of perennial ryegrass, produce a tougher wearing lawn than pure bluegrass. With the addition of creeping red fescue, the lawn will tolerate shadier areas.

Bluegrass develops a shallow root system that is not very drought tolerant, and causes it to go dormant during extreme conditions. To insure its survivability, it must be given intermittent watering during prolonged drought conditions. Once the drought conditions dissipate, it will come back with a little nourishment and care.

Shade tolerance: poor

Planting: seed or sod

Mowing height: 1-1/2" 2-1/2"

Water: needs regular watering, will survive droughts by going into a dormant state.Kentucky bluegrass

Fertilization: needs regular fertilization

Maintenance: low

Kentucky bluegrass was Introduced by colonists that brought it with them from Europe.