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Carpet grass

Carpet Grass

Carpet grass is a creeping perennial grass that does well in wet, poor soils including excessively wet and shady areas where most other grasses do not do well. Carpet grass is similar to centipede grass in its cold tolerance, but it does NOT tolerate sea salt.

Carpet grass is a good option for soil erosion control combined with low maintenance.

From the sandy soils of East Texas to Florida and north to Virginia, Alabama and Arkansas, carpet grass is found in fields, woods, along roadsides, pastures and even lawns. Carpet grass is also known as flatgrass, Louisianagrass and as "petit gazon" by the Creoles of Louisiana. Carpet grass is native to the Gulf Coast states and other tropical climates. It is a creeping, perennial grass that can be recognized by the blunt rounded tips of its leaves, flat stolons and a tall seed stalk with two branches at the apex. It forms a dense mat and will crowd out most other species.

The ability of carpet grass to thrive under low fertility makes it suitable for use on low maintenance areas such as parks, roadsides, airports and golf course roughs. Its most objectionable characteristic, is frequent and prolonged production of seed stalks, which limits its use on lawns. Frequent mowing with a rotary mower is required to maintain a nice looking carpet grass lawn.