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Understanding Chewsings Fescue

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Chewings Fescue

Chewings fescue resembles Tall fescues in growth being more upright than creeping, yet still retaining the fine texture of the fine fescue group. The predominant use of chewings fescue is in the addition to other grass seed mixtures. One of the most popular is the mixture of perennial rye grass and chewings fescue. The adaptations of chewings improves the predominant grasses ability to better perform.

As all fescues do; chewings grows well in the shade, is drought resistant, non-aggressive and blends well with almost any grass. Chewings is not as wear tolerant as other grasses of the fescues but can be mown lower and prefers to grow on the more sandy soils of low fertility. Chewings fescue will germinate in about 14 days. This fescue can be mown low at 1½" making it even more popular if grown alone or in mixtures. Overseeds well into other lawns for better diversity and problems solving.