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Cool season grasses for homeowners living in northern America

Red fescue is a fast growing grass.

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Red fescue photograph

Red Fescue

Red fescue is used in northern and temperate areas. Red fescues are fine with narrow deep green blades. Prefers shadier and cooler areas than most other cool season grasses. Red fescue is usually added to bluegrass to provide a better adaptable lawn. Establishes itself quickly compared to the slower growing bluegrass. Non-aggressive tendencies; looks good even in un-mown conditions such as along roadways.

Red fescue is a cool-season grass used in cool, shaded, mountain sites, such as camps, resorts, and cabins where a reduced mowing, fertilization, and irrigation is desired. It does not do well in hot climates, except in shady, dry situations. In areas where Kentucky bluegrass does well, red fescue forms an excellent companion grass to increase bluegrass' shade tolerance. Red fescue germinates slowly and It is moderately wear resistant.

Identifying red fescue

A very fine-bladed grass with a deep green color. The leaves are folded in the bud, there are no auricles, and there is a short membranous ligule. Red fescue has two distinct growing habits: creeping red fescue spreads very slow by very short rhizomes and Chewings fescue is a bunchgrass with an upright growth habit.