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Understanding the attributes of hard fescue grasses.

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Hard Fescue

Hard fescue is indeed one of the "hardiest" of the fescues. Shade and drought resistant, and more disease resistant this fescue grows best in the north and the higher elevations. Hard fescue has beautiful blue-green color, and can grow in some of the most adverse of conditions and in heavily shaded areas. Hard fescue grows in the clump formations and may not be mown as low as the other fescues.

Hard fescue is one grass that stays green a longer period of time, is slow growing and a low maintenance grass. Varieties of hard fescue are being developed for extended usage and acceptability as lawn grasses. This fescue makes an ideal conservation, erosion, and reclamation planting in areas not easily maintained and is the only fescue that is salt tolerant.