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American Liberty Elm

The American Liberty Elm (Ulmus americana "libertas") is the first disease-resistant American Elm with a pedigree and warranty against Dutch elm disease.

Named after the famed "Liberty Tree" which was an elm that stood in Boston during the American Revolution. The American Liberty Elm is not a hybrid, but has the same traditional shape and hardiness of the original American elm which European or Asian hybrid elms don't have.

What makes the American Liberty Elm different from the original is the cell structures is smaller which prevents the Dutch elm disease from entering the tree. That's the only difference. Visually you can't tell the new Liberty Elm from its predecessor.

This new tree has been street tested for over 20 years and been exposed naturaly to the Duch Elm fungus.

American Liberty Elm Highlights

  • American Liberty Elms are unequaled as a shade tree

  • Because of their downward root growth, they make ideal street-lining trees and perfect for urban street planting. Minimum distance from the street or sidewalk should be 2', 15' from a house and 30' from other trees.

  • Bested planted in the spring or early fall

  • American Liberty Elms tolerate a wide range of soil conditions once they're established

American Liberty Elms can be purchased at: American Liberty Elms



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