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Amur Maple

Acer Tataricum

The Amur Maple is a pretty multi-trunked tree with low branches. Amur Maple grows to 15' - 20' with a rounded shape. Has dark green or gray-green leaves divided into 3 narrow lobes with toothed edges. Leaf shape varies with some trees exhibiting feathery leaves.

Flowers are yellowish and fragrant. Amur Maple is a durable tree especially for cool climates in the northeast, midwest and mountain states.

The Amur Maple can be used in the garden as a patio tree, hedge, or as part of a living screen planting.

Fall color is showiest in trees planted in full sun. Does best in well-drained fertile soil. It will tolerate poorer alkaline soils, road salt and urban conditions. Can withstand heavy pruning.

Works as a screen when planted in series about 10' apart and sheared annually each winter. Entire tree can be pruned to form a single trunk. When used as a specimen tree, remove lower branches.