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Japanese Flowering Crab Apple

The Japanese Flowering Crab Apple is extinct in the wild, but is still commonly grown in gardens around the world. It is a beautiful, disease-resistant tree with horizontal branches with a dense rounded head reaching 20' tall and 30' wide.

In the spring it is blanketed with clusters of deep reddish pink flower buds that open into 1" wide fragrant, pink flowers that eventually fade to white. Flowers las 2 or more weeks in early to mid spring.

The 3" oval leaves are dark green and sometimes slightly lobed. Yellow 1/3" fruits fill the tree in fall and turn a reddish amber after the first first. They are quickly eaten by birds and squirrels.

This tree is a parent of many hybrid crab apples which may also be rounded tops, spreading, vase shaped, or even columnar. These hybrids usually grown 8' — 25' tall.

Prune to a single leader with a good branch structure when young. Remove suckers and water sprouts as needed.

The species is moderately resistant to scab, rust and mildew, and fire blight is rarely a problem.

Species is hardy in zones 4 to 8 with a few cultivars growing in zone 3.