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Columnar Red Maple

Acer rubrum 'Columnare'

  • deciduous
  • pyramidal or elliptical when young
  • becomes more spreading with age, eventually developing a more or less rounded or oval outline
  • a medium to large tree, 40' — 70' tall, but can be over 100' tall
  • texture is medium
  • relatively fast growing


  • easy to transplant and establish
  • tolerant of many conditions and adaptable
  • prefers moist, acidic soils
  • tolerates occasional flooding and wet soils
  • on alkaline soils develops manganese chlorosis
  • full sun best for landscape development, but can tolerate partial shade

Columnar Red Map Cultivars/Varieties

Armstrong- An upright or fastigiate selection that grows to around 60' tall and 15' wide. Lacks consistent orange or red fall color. May be an A. rubrum x A. saccharinum hybrid (Acer x freemanii).

Autumn Flame- pleasant rounded habit as a young tree, growing to 60' tall. Good fall color and smaller leaves than normal. May lack the hardiness of other cultivars.

Bowhall- pyramidal form, significantly wider than 'Armstrong' or 'Columnare'. Fall color is yellow-orange with red highlights.

Columnare- Similar to 'Armstrong', but slower growing and more compact. Has better summer foliage quality and dependable orange-red fall color.

Franksred (Red Sunset)- Pyramidal to rounded form. Striking red fall color. Earlier color development than 'October Glory' and more cold hardy. Grows to 45 to 50' tall.

Northwood (Northwood)- has a fine tolerance of harsh winter conditions. The crown is oval and the branches ascend upwards. Fall color may not be as effective as other selections, and some have suggested that the growth form may become irregular with age.

October Glory (October Glory)- Develops good red to burgundy fall color with dark green summer foliage. Colors late in October. May have limitations as far as cold hardiness and winter twig kill susceptibility. Oval shape, 40' — 50' tall.