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Sargent Crabapple

(Malus sargentii)

This small crabapple is a mound-like, spreading tree with a single trunk that only grows to 10' tall and about 15' wide. Often is grafted to a 6' trunk to make it taller.

In mid spring the pale pink flower buds open to very fragrant white flowers that turn the tree into a large white snowball. Some trees bloom and fruit well only in alternate years. Others have blooms and fruit every year.

Has a unique shape and tidy size. Works well as a foundation planting or border.

Fruits are bright red ½" across, abundant and persistent into early winter. Habit is dense, mounded and large. Leaves are lustrous an dark green. Fairly disease resistant.

Does not hybridize readily and comes true from seed. Resistant to scab.

Hardy in zones 4 — 8



Sargent Crabapple