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The Serviceberry tree, Amelanchier canadensis, may also be known as a Juneberry, Shadblow, or Shadbush. This large shrub has erect stems that form multi-stemmed clumps The serviceberries, genus Amelanchier, are deciduous shrubs or small trees that grow in the understory of temperate forests. This deciduous tree/shrub is multistemmed and gets up to 20 ft tall with a dense, bushy spread up to 10 ft across. The bush sends up numerous suckers and can become quite a thicket. Serviceberry trees have leaves that are 2 inches long and have a very pretty white fuzzy coat when young, but becoming shiny green as they mature.

Fall color is brilliant yellow, red or orange. The flowers are white and borne in erect clusters in early spring as the leaves are unfolding. The berrylike fruits are showy and edible. The little serviceberry shrubs are useful in naturalized plantings, especially in open woodlands, under tall oaks or pines. Their beautiful, but brief, early spring flowering beats all but the earliest shrubs, and their fall foliage is first rate. It is an excellent small yard tree.

Mature Height :6' -15'

Mature Spread : 15' — 20'

Mature Form: Irregular shrubby

Growth Rate : Moderate

Sun Exposure : Full — Partial Sun

Soil Moisture : Widely adaptable

Soil Type : Widely adaptable

Flower Color : White

Foliage Color : Green

Fall Color : Yellow to orange

Zones : 4 — 7