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(oxydendrum arboreum)

Pyramidal deciduous broadleaf tree. Likes acid soil, has good fall colors. Colorful spring, summer and fall. A tree of many uses. White fragrant flowers, excellent red fall color.

Hardiness Zones: 6 - 9

Habit: Deciduous

Growth Rate: Slow

Site Requirements: Sun to partial shade; well drained soil but does well in dry soil

Texture: Medium Form: Pyramidal; slender trunk; drooping branches; narrow crown

Height: 20' — 30'

Width: 10' — 15'

Leaf: 3" — 8" alternate, simple leaves; variable fall color - yellow, red, purple

Bark: Grayish brown, very thick with deep furrows and scaly ridges; often the ridges are broken into recognizable rectangles.

Flower/Fruit: Fragrant, lily-of the valley like flowers in summer; greenish yellow seed pods that last into fall

Comments: Excellent native tree specimen; it is difficult to transplant and has a shallow root system; flowers attract bees and butterflies; birds enjoy the seeds.



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