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Curly Dock

Curly Dock Seed HeadCurly dock is a perennial broadleaf weed. It is commonly found throughout the United States.

It has a bright, shiny green, lance-shaped leaves that appear in the spring. In the summer and fall, the wavy puckered edges of the leaves are tinted a reddish purple. Small greenish flowers appear on a tall, narrow spike that arises from the center of the plant.

Curly dock has a large brownish taproot, that grows most actively during the same period as when grass is suffering from the stress of hot, dry weather.


Curly DockSpot treat individual curly dock plants with a post emergence herbicide containing triclopyr or triclopyr + clopyralid, or one with 2,4-D, or mecoprop + 2,4-D + dicamba.

Curly dock can be pulled by hand or dug up with a small space. Remove all pieces of the root or it will re-sprout.


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