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Edible Weeds

If you can't beat 'em, eat 'em! Just make sure the weeds haven't had any herbicides applied in the last 60 days or so.

The following chart is a list of common lawn weeds that can, in part, be eaten.

Weed Name
Edible Part
Burdock root pickled, boiled in soups and stews
Chickweed leaves chopped in salads
Cresses leaves young in salad; cooked in soup
Dandelion leaves, flowers young leaves in salads, steamed, wilted, or cooked in dandelion gravy (served over mashed potatoes); young flowers in wine; dipped in egg then cornmeal and fried
Lambsquarters leaves, shoots young in salad; cook and use like spinach
Plantain leaves blanch and saute in butter and garlic
Purslane leaves, stems very young leaves chopped in salads, salty garnish; blanch and saute with olive oil, garlic, and chile
Red clover flowers chopped in salads, steeped in tea, cooked in soup
Shepherd's purse leaves blanch and saute with olive oil, garlic, and chile
Violet leaves, flowers young leaves in salad, add to marinara sauce; flowers in fruit salad, syrup, sorbet, candied

Source: Better Homes & Gardens Step-by-Step Yard Care, p.29



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