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Foxtail Illustration


While sometimes confused with crabgrass, foxtails (also called wild millet) produces a large robust seed head. Its texture is coarse and forms tufts in mowed lawns. Foxtails usually germinate after crabgrass and before goosegrass.

Foxtail PhotographControlling foxtails

Can be controlled with pre-emergent herbicides. The same thing used for crabgrass.

The most effective management of foxtail is to maintain a dense turfgrass. As a summer annual, seeds will germinate in the spring when soil temperatures and moisture are optimum.

Foxtail can produces thousands of seeds per year. Minimizing seed production with consistent mowing can be an effective long-term deterrent. Taller mowing heights and judicious nitrogen fertilization can be very effective to reduce foxtail populations.




Foxtail grassy weeds