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Grass-like Weeds

Grass-like weeds at first glance look like a grass, but are relatively easy to to distinguish from grasses. Upon close inspection, the stems are triangular in shape.

Common grass-like weeds include:

Grass-Like Weeds
Photo ID
Yellow nutsedge Yellow Nutsedge (Cyperus esculentus L.) is a common weed found in many home lawns. The color, growth habit, and rapid growth rate make yellow nutsedge a prominent distraction in the aesthetics of high quality lawns. Yellow Nutsedge
Wild garlic/onion Wild onion (A. validum or A. canadense) is a bulbous herb of the Amaryllis family and is a close relative of cultivated onion (Allium cepa L.). It has a distinct onion odor. It has slender grass-like leaves and reaches about 2' in height when flowers appear in late summer. Leaves are narrow, long, and with parallel edges arising from the small underground bulb. Wild Onion / Garlic
Star-of-Bethlehem A bulbous perennial with leaves that resemble wild garlic and have small, white, star-shaped flowers. Star-of-Bethlehem is similar to Wild Garlic (Allium vineale), however Star-of-Bethlehem lacks the characteristic garlic smell and also has distinctive white midveins along the leaves unlike wild garlic. Star-of-Bethlehem


Controlling Grass-Like Weeds in the Lawn.